Babar: King of the Elephants

Director Raymond Jafelice
Year 1999
Run Time 80min
Genre Action/Adventure, Animation, Family
Based on the classic novels and TV series, this feature film tells how Babar came to be the king of the elephants. After losing his mother, Babar finds himself in the big city where a kind stranger offers to raise him and give him an education. When he meets friends from his past, he returns to the forest where he helps solve a series of animal conflicts, and begins to build his amazing kingdom.

First released in 1931, The Babar series is a global phenomenon with millions of fans across multiple generations. Babar: King of the Elephants continues the series’ tradition of teaching important lessons in a fun and smart way.


Raymond Jafelice


Peter Sauder, Raymond Jafelice


Philip Williams, Wayne Robson, Ellen-Ray Hennessy


Hasmi Ferguson, Merle-Anne Ridley


Action/Adventure, Animation, Family


Literary Adaptation

Original Languages

English, French

Canadian Distributor