Between Friends

Director Donald Shebib
Year 1973
Run Time 91min
Genre Action/Adventure, Drama

An ex-con, his daughter and her two friends plan the elaborate heist of a nickel mine in Northern Ontario. Will has worked most of his life at the nickel smelter in Sudbury. In his youth he was a professional thief before being convicted and has decided to return to his previous occupation by stealing the payroll of his current occupation. He enlists the help of his daughter Ellie, her boyfriend Chino and Chino's American surfing buddy Toby. Complications arise when Ellie becomes involved with Toby and despite all of their best efforts the heist goes horribly awry.


Donald Shebib


Claude Harz


Bonnie Bedelia, Michael Parks, Chuck Shamata


Action/Adventure, Drama


Family Relationships

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

New Cinema Enterprises