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Big Giant Wave

Director Marie-Julie Dallaire
Year 2021
Run Time 88min
Genre Documentary
Jean-Marc Vallée was Executive Producer on this globetrotting and celebratory ode to the influence and power of music. Director Marie-Julie Dallaire explores music from multiple perspectives — anthropology, religion, musicology, neuroscience — through interviews with a host of researchers and musicians including Montreal singer-songwriter Patrick Watson, violinist Stéphane Tétreault and DJ Osunlade.  

Shot in black and white to favour the film’s sound over its images, Big Giant Wave washes over the audience as its title suggests. This meditative documentary attempts to understand the ways something as simple as patterns of sound can have such a profound and transformative ability to unite, shape and reflect human experience.  


Marie-Julie Dallaire


Marie-Julie Dallaire, Andrée Blais


Alex Sliman




Arts and Culture

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Les Films Seville