Bon Cop Bad Cop

Director Érik Canuel
Year 2006
Run Time 116min
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
A box-office smash, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is an action-packed comedy about two policemen who are thrown together to solve a crime committed on the border between Quebec and Ontario.

Ward (Feore) and Boucher (Huard) couldn’t be more different: one is an English-speaker from Toronto, the other is a French-speaker from Montreal; one never deviates from established procedure, the other is a rebel who refuses to play by the rules. The detectives soon learn that if they are to solve this lurid crime, which is linked to the world of hockey, they need to stop bickering and work together.

With uproarious performances from both leads, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is a genuinely clever take on the buddy-cop genre that will keep you captivated throughout.


Érik Canuel

Canuel made music videos and TV commercials before turning to film. His features include Nez rouge and Le dernier tunnel, Barrymore, starring Christopher Plummer, and the recent Undercover Grandpa. Bon Cop Bad Cop won a Genie for Best Motion Picture and the Golden Reel Award. Next, Canuel will direct the feature film The Burning Man.


Leila Basen, Alex Epstein, Patrick Huard, Kevin Tierney


Colm Feore, Patrick Huard


Kevin Tierney


Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Thriller


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Original Languages

English, French

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