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Breakfast with Scot

Director Laurie Lynd
Year 2007
Run Time 95min
Genre Comedy

When gay couple Eric (Cavanagh) and Sam (Shenkman) become the sudden guardians of Scot, a precocious and effeminate young boy, the two professionals must rise to the call of fatherhood and confront the compromises they’ve made in their own lives as gay men working in the world of sports.

Adapted from the novel by Michael Downing, Breakfast with Scot is a heart-warmingly hilarious meditation on the true meaning of family. Scot’s zany antics and disarming self-confidence will inspire audiences young and old to embrace their own — and others’ — unique quirks and differences. This family comedy is a refreshing combination of wry humour and genuine sweetness.

Winner of the Directors Guild of Canada’s Family Feature Film award.


Laurie Lynd


Sean Reycraft


Noah Bernett, Tom Cavanagh, Ben Shenkman


Paul Brown




Family Relationships, LGBTQ2S+, Literary Adaptation, Sports

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media