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Cairo Time

Director Ruba Nadda
Year 2009
Run Time 90min
Genre Drama

While in Cairo waiting for her husband, Juliette (Patricia Clarkson) finds herself caught in a whirlwind romance with his friend Tareq (Alexander Siddig).


Ruba Nadda

Nadda is an internationally acclaimed writer and filmmaker whose credits include the features Inescapable and October Gale and television shows such as Killjoys; Frankie Drake Mysteries; Arrow; Roswell, Riverdale and many others. Her feature Cairo Time won the Best Canadian Feature at TIFF. She is currently producing the series Gray, and next she will direct the films Lifetime and Elizabeth.


Ruba Nadda


Patricia Clarkson, Alexander Siddig


David Collins, Daniel Iron




Female Filmmaker, Global Experiences

Original Languages

English, Other Language

Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media