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Cooper’s Christmas

Director Warren P. Sonoda
Year 2008
Run Time 95min
Genre Comedy

Jason Jones and Samatha Bee (who won the Canadian Comedy Award for her role) lead a powerhouse cast in this outrageously funny found footage comedy. When Gord Cooper (Jones) buys a state of the art VHS camera from a neighbour (Foley), the stage is set for a Christmas film like no other!

Set in 1985, Cooper’s Camera captures the candid hilarity of the Coopers’ holidays as everything descends into total chaos. Gord and his wife Bev (Bee) attempt to keep it together while their son Teddy films everything with the new camera and a cast of wild relatives descend on their home, including moustache and mullet-wearing brother-in-law Nick (Beaver, in a show-stealing performance), Gord’s estranged brother Tim (Keleghan) and the chain-smoking and bitter Aunt Gert (Eastwood).

Get to know one of Canada’s strangest and funniest cinematic families in a film The Globe and Mail said was “destined to become a holiday classic” after its 2008 premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Warren P. Sonoda


Jason Jones, Mike Beaver


Boyd Banks, Jennifer Baxter, Mike Beaver


Sean Buckley




Family Relationships, History

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Boutique Films