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Director Mathieu Denis
Year 2014
Run Time 119min
Genre Drama

Based on the real events that led to the 1970 October Crisis, Corbo follows Giovanni Corbo (Therrien), the son of the rich and powerful businessman Nicola Corbo (Nardi). Perhaps in spite of his father’s big-L Liberal leanings, fresh-faced Giovanni finds revolutionary freedom in the friendship of two activists who encourage him to join the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ). As Giovanni’s behavior becomes radicalized, he quickly ascends the ranks of the FLQ, a group whose separatist desires are turning militant.

Refusing to paint too broad a brush on an important part of Quebec’s history, this gripping, beautifully crafted and moving Canadian Screen Award winner establishes director Mathieu Denis as a talent to watch.


Mathieu Denis


Mathieu Denis


Anthony Therrien, Antoine L'Écuyer, Karelle Tremblay, Tony Nardi


Félize Frappier, Roger Frappier




History, Social Justice & Politics

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Canadian Distributors

Christal Films, eOne