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De père en flic 2 (Fathers and Guns 2)

Director Émile Gaudreault
Year 2017
Run Time 107min
Genre Comedy

A few years after they infiltrated a therapy program for fathers and sons (as depicted in the hit film De pere en flic) in order to find a kidnapped colleague, Commander Jacques Laroche (Côté) and his son Marc (Houde) still have a pretty rocky relationship.

When the two cops find out that a Mafia lieutenant they’ve been tracking has signed up for a “bootcamp for couples” with his wife, Marc and his aspiring-Commander girlfriend Alice quickly sign up. Of course, getting close to his intended target while trying to save his relationship with Alice is going to be a tougher assignment than Marc realized. Especially when his father invites himself along, pretending to be the psychologist’s assistant.
This funny and feel-good take on the buddy cop genre was a box office hit in Quebec, winning the Golden Reel Award as the highest grossing Canadian film of 2017.


Émile Gaudreault

Gaudreault co-wrote Louis 19, le roi des ondes, which Ron Howard adapted into EDtv. Gaudreault both co-wrote and directed De pere en flic (the highest-grossing French-language film in Canadian history), Le vrai du faux, Le sens de l'humour and Mambo Italiano, which earned six Canadian Comedy Award nominations. He also wrote and directed De père en flic 2, and most recently, the comedy Menteur. He also co-wrote the upcoming Lignes de fuite, and is producing the English-language remake of De père en flic, Fathers and Guns.


Eric K. Boulianne, Émile Gaudreault, Sébastien Ravary


Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Karine Vanasse


Denise Robert



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Canadian Distributor

Criterion Pictures