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Dr. Cabbie

Director Jean-François Pouliot
Year 2014
Run Time 101min
Genre Comedy
When Deepak (Virmani), a young Indian doctor, immigrates to Canada in hopes of starting a better life, he is deeply disheartened to learn that his training does not qualify him to practise in Canada. With his new friend Tony (Nayyar), he starts work as a taxi driver, but fate intervenes in the form of a very pregnant passenger (Palicki) who urgently needs medical attention. Before long, Deepak has turned his cab into a doctor’s office. As his “practice” gets busier and romance with his first patient begins to blossom, it becomes clear that he is on a collision course with the medical establishment, the police and an ambitious politician who also happens to be the father of the baby he delivered.

“…With a host of appealing characters, snappy dialogue and an issue at its heart that will resonate with audiences, Dr. Cabbie provides a pleasingly comical cinematic ride.” — Bruce DeMara, The Toronto Star


Jean-François Pouliot

In addition to over 500 commercials, Montrealer Pouliot’s credits include feature films Guide de la petite vengeance and the 2015 box-office success Dr. Cabbie as well as the hit animated film Snowtime!. Recently, he directed the feature films Les 3 p’tits cochons 2, Votez Bougon and the Snowtime! sequel, Racetime.


Vinay Virmani, Ron Kennell, Manu Chopra


Vinay Virmani, Adrianne Palicki, Kunal Nayyar, Lillete Dubey, Mircea Monroe


Pauline Dhillon, Salman Khan, André Rouleau, Ajay Virmani




BIPOC Stories, Global Experiences, Newcomer Stories

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