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Director Stephen Campanelli
Year 2021
Run Time 117min
Genre Comedy
Mike Drinkwater (Doheny) isn’t like the other kids in his small town. They all have dreams, goals – and normal families. His awkward attempts to fit in are constantly thwarted by his delusional father (McCormack) who has devoted his life to maintaining the appearance of a long healed injury for the insurance. Mike’s rudderless existence is upended when his new neighbour Wallace (Tronco) gives him the push he needs to try to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, and to get rid of his personal demons along the way.

Drinkwater is a fun coming of age comedy that will have you laughing and rooting for the likable cast of quirky misfits.

“…quite possibly the most Canadian film ever made.” – Chris Knight, The National Post


Stephen Campanelli

Director and cinematographer Campanelli got his start as a camera operator, working on many of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood’s features, including Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, Grand Torino, and others. His directing credits include Momentum, Indian Horse, Grand Isle, and most recently, Drinkwater. Next, he is set to direct The Outlaws.


Edward McDonald, Luke Fraser


Eric McCormack, Daniel Doheny, Louriza Tronco


Graham Fraser, Dennis Swartman




Family Relationships

Original Language


Canadian Distributor