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Forgotten Warriors

Director Loretta Todd (Cree/Métis)
Year 1997
Run Time 51min
Genre Documentary

Thousands of Indigenous people enlisted and fought for Canada in World War II, even though they could not be conscripted. While they fought for the freedom of others, they were being denied their rights back home. 

As a reward for service, veterans were allowed to buy land at a cheap price. However, many Indigenous soldiers were never told about the land entitlement, and some returned home to find the government had seized parts of their reserve lands to compensate non-Indigenous veterans.

Narrator Tootoosis gives a historical overview, while Indigenous veterans share their poignant and unforgettable war memories, and the ways in which they have healed.


Loretta Todd (Cree/Métis)


Loretta Todd (Cree/Métis)


Nathaniel Arcand (Cree), Gordon Tootoosis (Cree), Michèle Audette (Innu)


Michael Doxtater (Haudenosaunee), Carol Geddess (Tlingit), Jerry Krepakevich




BIPOC Stories, Classics, Female Filmmaker, History, Indigenous Filmmaker, Social Justice & Politics

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