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Future History

Directors Jennifer Podemski (Anishinaabe, Leni Lenape, Métis), Nyla Innuksuk (Inuk)
Year 2018
Run Time 546min
Genre Documentary
In this incredible APTN docuseries, artist and activist Sarain Fox teams up with archeologist Kris Nahrgang to travel across the country to discover various ways that Indigenous peoples are shaping the future. Through conversations with artists, activists, community leaders and more, the series covers a wide range of themes including Indigenous identity, culture, land rights and intergenerational trauma.

Beautifully shot and packed with powerful interviews, Future History celebrates and explores diverse Indigenous perspectives to create a deeper understanding of our shared history as well as a positive path forward. It is a journey that can’t be missed.

Each 21-minute episode can be viewed independently, or you can watch it as a complete series. Contact us for specific programming recommendations.


Jennifer Podemski (Anishinaabe, Leni Lenape, Métis)

Podemski is an award-winning film and television producer and actor. She produced and starred in Empire of Dirt, is the creator and producer of APTN’s The Other Side, and most recently produced and directed the series Unsettled.

Nyla Innuksuk (Inuk)

Innuksuk is a director, writer, producer, and VR creator. She co-created the Inuk character Snowguard with Marvel and has written several short films and documentaries. Her first feature was Slash/Back, released in 2022.


Tamara Podemski (Anishinaabe)


Kris Nahrgang (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe), Sarain Fox (Anishinaabe)




BIPOC Stories, Discrimination, History, Indigenous Filmmaker, Social Justice & Politics

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