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Director Louise Archambault
Year 2013
Run Time 104min
Genre Drama
Canada’s foreign-language Oscar nominee for 2014, Gabrielle is a big-hearted drama about a young woman with Williams syndrome who has a genuine and infectious zest for life. Like most young adults, Gabrielle longs for independence, but when she falls in love with a young man in her choir, both the families and social workers worry that the two won’t be able to handle an adult relationship.

As the choir prepares for an important performance, Gabrielle must confront other people’s prejudices with courage and overcome her own limitations.

“On the surface, it’s a simple love story: girl meets boy, girl likes boy, girl kisses boy. But Louise Archambault’s Gabrielle is much more…a deeply affecting tale of difference, dignity and the healing power of song.”
— T’cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette



Louise Archambault

Montreal-based Archambault achieved success with her short film Atomic Saké. Her first feature, Familia, won her the Canadian Screen Award for Best Debut Feature, and Gabrielle was nominated for six Canadian Screen Awards. Archambault also directed the TV series Catastrophe and wrote and directed Il pleuvait des oiseaux, which premiered at TIFF 2019. She is currently completing her next two features, Irena’s Vow and Le temps d’un été. Next she will write and direct My Camino.


Louise Archambault


Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Alexandre Landry, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Robert Charlebois


Luc Déry, Kim McCraw




Arts and Culture, Female Filmmaker, Strong Female Leads

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