How to Change the World

Director Jerry Rothwell
Year 2015
Run Time 110min
Genre Documentary
This engaging doc told largely through archival 16mm footage charts the birth of modern environmentalism and explores how Greenpeace developed from a small group of idealistic environmentalists into a sophisticated movement.  

Eco-organization Greenpeace has boots on the ground all over the world. But their origin story begins in 1971, when a group of activists sailed on an old fishing boat from Vancouver to Amchitka, Alaska for one goal — to stop then-President Nixon’s atomic bomb tests.  

Based on memoirs by eco-activist and Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter, this inspiring film won two Canadian Screen Awards and the documentary editing award at the Sundance Film Festival, for its skillfully layered storytelling.


Jerry Rothwell


Jerry Rothwell


Bous De Jong, Al Morrow




Environment, History, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


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KinoSmith, levelFILM