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I Like Movies

Director Chandler Levack
Year 2022
Run Time 109min
Genre Comedy
Lawrence (Lehtinen), an awkward and anxious 17-year-old cinephile living in Burlington, ON, in the early 2000s, believes that he is on the path to a legendary filmmaking career – but so far it’s only gotten him as far as a job at the local video store. His blind ambition combined with his unique worldview confounds even those closest to him, and he soon starts to alienate his new manager Alana (D’Ugo) and even his best friend (Hynes White), forcing him to decide what he’s willing to sacrifice on the road to potential success. 

A true movie for movie lovers, Chandler Levack’s debut feature is a charming coming of age story that perfectly captures small-town Canadian adolescence.


Chandler Levack


Chandler Levack


Isaiah Lehtinen, Krista Bridges, Dan Beirne


Lindsay Blair Goeldner




Arts and Culture, Family Relationships, Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media