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Into the Forest

Director Patricia Rozema
Year 2015
Run Time 101min
Genre Drama
Director Patricia Rozema has made a brilliant career telling stories about the lives of strong women, and Into the Forest is no exception. Based on Jean Hegland’s novel, Into the Forest tells the terrifyingly plausible story of a not-too-distant future where the power goes out for good, and two sisters (Page and Wood) must stick together in their isolated, rural home without gas, water, electricity or any of the technological conveniences that we take for granted.

As with many science fiction stories, the scariest thing isn’t the loss of power, but the quick disintegration of human society. Without electricity or fuel, the threat of a lawless and terrifying existence looms near, even in the remote woods that the sisters call home. Page and Wood deliver fabulous performances, showcasing a range of emotions as the limits of their sanity, safety and family are tested.


Patricia Rozema


Patricia Rozema


Elliot Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Max Minghella, Callum Keith Rennie


Niv Fichman, Aaron L. Gilbert, Elliot Page




Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Language Version


Canadian Distributor

Elevation Pictures