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Junior Majeur (Major Junior)

Director Éric Tessier
Year 2017
Run Time 115min
Genre Drama

Five years after the events of Les Pee-Wee: L’hiver qui a changé ma vie best friends Janeau (Pilon) and Joey (Goulet) have made it to Quebec’s semiprofessional hockey league. Both athletes have their sights set on the NHL and scouts have begun to take an interest. Then, in a sudden twist of fate, the two are caught in a devastating car accident that threatens both of their careers. The road to recovery is full of complex challenges and emotions that may end up doing irreparable damage to their previously strong friendship.

A more mature exploration of friendship and the competitive world of junior hockey, this is a coming of age drama with a whole lot of heart.


Éric Tessier

Tessier’s first film was the award-winning short Viens dehors! His feature films include Sur le seuil, Vendus, 5150 rue des Ormes, Junior Majeur, and Les Pee-Wee: L’hiver qui a changé ma vie, which won the Best Feature Film award at TIFF Kids. He recently directed the films Tu te souviendras de moi and When Love Blooms, and episodes of Hôtel and Transplant. He is currently directing The Amityville Curse.


Martin Bouchard, Emmanuel Joly


Antoine Olivier Pilon, Rémi Goulet, Alice Morel-Michaud, Normand Daneau


Christian Larouche





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Les Films Seville