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Jusqu’au déclin (The Decline)

Director Patrice Laliberté
Year 2020
Run Time 83min
Genre Thriller
A survivalist expert recruits a group of ordinary people united by fears of an impending societal collapse, and trains them at his remote lodge in the woods. When one of their training activities leads to a fatal accident, the group is divided about what to do and the tensions soon turn violent. Divided into opposing factions each with a full arsenal, they enter into a true fight for survival, one far greater than what they’d trained for.

"A first feature for director Patrice Laliberté and several of his principal collaborators, The Decline is lean, credible and well-crafted” - Dennis Harvey, Variety


Patrice Laliberté


Patrice Laliberté


Guillaume Laurin, Marie-Evelyne Lessard, Réal Bossé, Guillaume Laurin, Nicolas Krief


Julie Groleau



Original Languages

English, French

Canadian Distributor