La peau blanche (White Skin)

Director Daniel Roby
Year 2004
Run Time 92min
Genre Horror
Thierry (Paquet) has fallen madly and inexplicably in love with Claire (Farley), a girl he just met, whose dominant characteristic is her unnaturally white skin. His fascination begins to verge on obsession until he starts to feel a sneaking suspicion that she’s actually a vampire.

This brilliant and terrifying horror drama from Daniel Roby won the Best First Feature award at TIFF and the Claude Jutra award at the Genies.


Daniel Roby

Roby’s feature film debut, La peau blanche, premiered at TIFF and went on to win the Canadian Screen Award for Best First Feature. He followed that with Funkytown, Louis Cyr (which swept the awards season) and Dans la brume. His most recent films are A Breath Away and Most Wanted.


Daniel Roby, Joël Champetier


Marc Paquet, Marianne Farley


Daniel Roby




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Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Les Films Seville