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La vie heureuse de Léopold Z (The Merry Life of Léopold Z)

Director Gilles Carle
Year 1965
Run Time 68min
Genre Comedy

On Christmas Eve, a snow plow operator (Guy L’Ecuyer) in Montreal is suddenly called upon to work in an unexpected snowstorm which becomes a problem as he has not finished his Christmas shopping. Determined to get all his gifts while continuing to clear the roads, Léopold has a series of comedic misadventures that become increasingly ridiculous as his time begins to run short.

Originally commissioned as an NFB documentary about snow clearing, director Gilles Carle creatively reframed it as a narrative film to create a unique blend of documentary and direct cinema that also cheekily comments on contemporary social and political issues. It won the Best Feature prize at the 1965 Montreal International Film Festival.


Gilles Carle


Gilles Carle


Guy L'Écuyer, Paul Hébert, Suzanne Valéry


Jacques Bobet





Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Columbia Pictures of Canada