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Le confessionnal (The Confessional)

Director Robert Lepage
Year 1995
Run Time 100min
Genre Drama, Thriller
This award-winning feature-film debut by Robert Lepage is a Hitchcockian mystery set in Quebec City, both in the present (circa 1989) and in 1952, when Alfred Hitcock’s I Confess was filming on location.

Unfolding in flashbacks between the past and the present, the film follows the story of an adopted man on a search for his true identity, as recounted by his mother to a priest in a private confessional. Family secrets are on the line, blurred by the filming of I Confess. Further, lies and intrigue are clouding the air with mystery — and the foreshadowed sparks of the Quiet Revolution are growing louder.

Winner of the Genie for Best Film, Best Director and several others.


Robert Lepage


Robert Lepage


Lothaire Bluteau, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patrick Goyette


Philippe Carcassonne, David Puttnam, Denise Robert


Drama, Thriller


Arts and Culture, Family Relationships

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Canadian Distributor