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Le coq de St-Victor (The Rooster of St-Victor)

Director Pierre Greco
Year 2014
Run Time 80min
Genre Animation, Comedy, Family
In the village of St-Victor, no one needs an alarm clock because the mayor has a very punctual (and very loud!) rooster, who wakes the whole village up at 4 AM every single day. When a few tired and disgruntled villagers hatch a scheme to get rid of the rooster, the wily mayor of a neighbouring village offers to exchange his donkey for their bird.

Initially delighted, the villagers soon come to regret their choice, as St-Victor is thrown into chaos – the baker doesn’t bake, the deliveryman doesn’t deliver, and absolutely nothing is working like clockwork! Now they must come up with a new plan to rescue their trusty rooster and bring balance and prosperity back to St-Victor.


Pierre Greco


Pierre Greco, Johanne Mercier


Benoît Brière, Paul Ahmarani, Anne Dorval


Nancy Savard


Animation, Comedy, Family


Family Relationships

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Language Versions

EN Dub, EN Subtitles, FR CC

Canadian Distributor

Attraction Distribution