Le sens de l’humour (A Sense of Humour)

Director Émile Gaudreault
Year 2011
Run Time 110min
Genre Comedy
Luc (Houde) and Marco (Côté) are two comedians who tour second-rate theatres around Quebec. Every night, they choose some poor sap in the audience to ridicule to the delight of the other spectators. One night in a small town, the sap is Roger (Gendron), a mild-mannered fry cook. Unfortunately, Roger turns out to be the wrong guy to pick on, and the unlucky duo wake up in a cage, with madman Roger plotting his revenge.

With little to trade for their freedom other than their comedy skills, the duo offer to teach Roger the art of comedy and make him a local star. Thinking it might help him win the girl of his dreams, Roger accepts, and the hilarity and hijinks begin.


Émile Gaudreault

Gaudreault co-wrote Louis 19, le roi des ondes, which Ron Howard adapted into EDtv. Gaudreault both co-wrote and directed De pere en flic (the highest-grossing French-language film in Canadian history), Le vrai du faux, Le sens de l'humour and Mambo Italiano, which earned six Canadian Comedy Award nominations. He also wrote and directed De père en flic 2, and most recently, the comedy Menteur. He also co-wrote the upcoming Lignes de fuite, and is producing the English-language remake of De père en flic, Fathers and Guns.


Émile Gaudreault, Benoît Pelletier


Michel Côté, Louis-José Houde, Benoît Brière, Anne Dorval


Daniel Louis, Denise Robert





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