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Les bons débarras (Good Riddance)

Director Francis Mankiewicz
Year 1980
Run Time 120min
Genre Drama
Manon (Laurier) is a lonely and precocious 13-year-old living in an isolated region of Quebec with her mother Michelle (Tifo) and uncle Guy (Houde). Her mother is preoccupied with her own responsibilities toward her developmentally delayed brother and her relationships with two unlikely suitors. Desperate for her mother’s love, Manon runs away and concocts increasingly dramatic ways to regain her attention.

Soon, the insurmountable pressures of poverty, family strife and her mother’s tumultuous love triangle force Manon to make serious decisions about her future and her relationship with Michelle.

Considered one of the greatest French-Canadian films ever, this evocative tale of passion, jealousy and love won eight Genie Awards, including Best Film.


Francis Mankiewicz


Réjean Ducharme


Charlotte Laurier, Marie Tifo, Germain Houde


Marcia Couëlle, Claude Godbout, Marcia Couëlle, Claude Godbout




Arts and Culture, Classics, Family Relationships

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