Les Rois Mongols (Cross My Heart)

Director Luc Picard
Year 2017
Run Time 102min
Genre Drama, Family

When a young Québecois girl watches the 1970 October Crisis take over the news, it gives her an idea for how to keep herself and her brother out of foster care. With their father in the hospital and their mother unable to care for them, the children hatch a plan to find and kidnap an elderly woman (Coulter) who can pose as their grandmother.

They take their victim to a remote cabin, but the authorities are soon on their trail, as their poorly planned scheme quickly gets out of hand, and the story evolves into a brilliant parallel of one of the most important moments in Quebec history. Winner of the prestigious Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Les Rois Mongols is a bittersweet and adventurous coming-of-age story with a lot of heart.


Luc Picard

Luc Picard is a celebrated actor with over 50 film and television credits and two Jutra Awards to his name. He has directed Audition, Babine, Ésimésac, and a segment in the anthology film 9. Les rois mongols earned six Canadian Screen Award nominations. His latest film is Confessions and he recently starred in Arsenault & Fils and French Girl.


Nicole Belanger


Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Henri Picard, Anthony Bouchard, Alexis Guay, Clare Coulter


Luc Chatelain, Stephanie Pages


Drama, Family


Family Relationships, History, Literary Adaptation, Social Justice & Politics, Strong Female Leads

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