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Letter From Masanjia

Director Leon Lee
Year 2018
Run Time 75min
Genre Documentary

When Julie Keith finds a mysterious note in her box of Halloween decorations asking for help, it begins an adventure to find its writer in Masanjia, an illegal labour camp in China. A political prisoner as a result of his spiritual beliefs, Sun Yi details in his letter the physical and emotional abuse he’s been subjected to, and his message goes viral, leading to the closure of the camp.


Now free from the camp, Sun Yi begins to document his experience as a human rights activist while Julie, the recipient of his letter continues to raise awareness of his fight. Through their combined efforts, they seek to effect change against a Chinese government that is notorious for the suppression of differing ideologies.


“What begins as an unusual “message in a bottle” story builds to a powerful tale of human suffering, compassion and perseverance” - Kevin Crust, The Los Angeles Times


Leon Lee




Global Experiences, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Flying Cloud Productions