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Life Classes

Director William D. MacGillivray
Year 1988
Run Time 117min
Genre Drama
Mary Cameron lives on the Canadian island of Cape Breton, NS. She enjoys a warm relationship with Nanny (who is like a grandmother to her), works in her father's pharmacy, and paints-by-numbers. When she realizes that she's pregnant, Mary decides to go to Halifax to have her baby. After giving birth, she starts modelling for life-drawing classes and eventually starts dabbling in art herself. Soon, her artistic career takes off, and she moves back to the house her Nanny left her to fill an entirely new role in her community.


William D. MacGillivray


William D. MacGillivray


Jacinta Cormier, Leon Dubinsky, Leo Jessome, Trudi Petersen, Jane Purves


Stephen Reynolds




Arts and Culture, Family Relationships, Strong Female Leads

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Picture Plant