Men with Brooms

Director Paul Gross
Year 2002
Run Time 103min
Genre Comedy, Romance
After the success of the TV series Due South, Paul Gross went on to create this mainstream Canadian comedy hit, with romance, music (The Tragically Hip appear as a rival team) and, of course, curling.

When Chris Cutter (Gross) returns to his small hometown to bury his former curling coach, he is inspired to reunite the old team and try to win the Golden Broom. Nothing has been the same in town since Chris’s departure 10 years earlier — Chris’s old teammates and his own father (Nielsen) are disappointed in life, and the coach’s daughters Amy (Parker) and Julie (Nolden) have become, respectively, a drunk and an astronaut. Despite the odds, the rag-tag group of misfits unites to compete in the championship, with heartwarming and hilarious results.


Paul Gross

Gross starred in the hit TV series Due South and Slings & Arrows. He directed, wrote and starred in Men With Brooms, which won a Canadian Comedy Award, as well as Hyena Road and Passchendaele, which won a Genie for best film. Gross also starred in the mini-series Alias Grace and Caught, the series Tales of the City and Y: The Last Man, and the films Falling and The Middle Man.


Paul Gross, John Krizanc, Paul Quarrington


Paul Gross, Leslie Nielsen, Molly Parker, Michelle Nolden, The Tragically Hip


Robert Lantos


Comedy, Romance



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