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My American Cousin

Director Sandy Wilson
Year 1985
Run Time 90min
Genre Comedy, Drama

Sandy (Margaret Langrick) is a bored 12-year-old preparing for another long and uneventful summer in rural 1950s British Columbia, when her older cousin, Butch (John Wildman), arrives unexpectedly from California in a shiny red convertible.

Of course, the impressionable Sandy is immediately dazzled by Butch’s cool, rock’n’roll swagger, whose appearance seems to promise all the excitement that Sandy has been longing for.

Based on writer-director Sandy Wilson’s own memories, My American Cousin won six Genie Awards including Best Picture, Best Director (Wilson), Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor (Wildman), Best Actress (Langrick), and Best Film Editing. It remains one of Canada’s best loved coming-of-age films.

“The film works a gentle spell around its viewer, and ends up leaving an unexpected lasting impression.” – Dustin Putman, The Film File


Sandy Wilson


Sandy Wilson


Margaret Langrick, John Wildman, Richard Donat


Sandy Wilson, Peter O'Brian


Comedy, Drama


Biography, Family Relationships, Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Park Circus