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Occupy Love

Director Velcrow Ripper
Year 2013
Run Time 84min
Genre Documentary
This inspiring documentary captures the heart of a movement that is sweeping the planet in response to current global economic and environmental crises. The apparently fearless filmmaker Velcrow Ripper travels around the world to film a series of popular uprisings — the Arab Spring in Egypt, Spain’s Indignado movement, Occupy Wall Street — asking the question “Is it possible to understand these crises as a kind of love story?”  

This poignant documentary explores what Martin Luther King Jr. called “love in action,” searching for the meaning and importance of the love of humanity and of the planet.  

…the photography is beautiful, the scenes of crowds and their signs arresting, and the interviews with individual protesters — in Tahrir Square, Zuccotti Park, tear-gassed Oakland, and even melting Greenland — are often inspiring.” — Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice


Velcrow Ripper


Velcrow Ripper


Ian Mackenzie, Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper




Environment, Global Experiences, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Fierce Love Films