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Oliver Bump’s Birthday

Director Jordan Canning
Year 2011
Run Time 16min
Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy
On the eve of his birthday, 12-year-old child prodigy Oliver Bump is pretty sure he's about to die. Spurred by their demanding parents, his three brothers and sisters lived lives of endless intellectual toil until their inexplicable deaths at the exact moment they turn thirteen. Oliver is fated to be next. He spends his final hours with his parents in rigid preparations for his funeral. But with his new friend Sally at his side, the mysterious solution Oliver’s been working on might help him to escape his impending demise.


Jordan Canning


Simon McNabb


Jason Spevack, Reiya Downs, Steve Cumyn


Mark Purdy, Jessica Cheung


Action/Adventure, Comedy


Family Relationships

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Canadian Film Centre