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Picture Day

Director Kate Melville
Year 2012
Run Time 93min
Genre Comedy, Drama
Calling all fans of Degrassi: series writer-turned-director Kate Melville’s feature film debut is an adolescent slice-of-life that commands attention with its wry humour and awesome performance by Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black).

Forced to repeat her senior year in high school, Claire (Maslany) has a reputation for sliding into bad habits. At night, she escapes to would-be rock star Jim (McCarthy), while at school, she bonds with Henry (Van Wyck), a nerdy freshman she used to babysit.

Jim and Henry couldn’t be more different, but that becomes part of the point. In this playful, cool and whip-smart coming-of-age film, Emmy-winner Maslany shows us the emotional depth of a rare character that learns the difference between sex, intimacy and friendship.


Kate Melville


Kate Melville


Tatiana Maslany, Spencer Van Wyck, Steven McCarthy


Lauren Grant, Peter Harvey, Daniel Iron, Kate Melville


Comedy, Drama


Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media/Criterion