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Pippi Longstocking

Directors Michael Schaack, Clive A. Smith
Year 1997
Run Time 75min
Genre Animation, Comedy, Family

Nobody sees the world quite like Pippi Longstocking, an irrepressible and irresistible nine-year-old who also happens to be the strongest girl in the world. After travelling for years with her pirate father, Pippi settles down in a small town with her horse and her monkey, only to be rudely bothered by a meddling socialite and a couple of bumbling thieves out to get her father’s treasure. Throughout everything, Pippi’s boundless energy and wit make this a perfect story for all ages, complete with catchy musical numbers and memorable shenanigans.

Based on Astrid Lindgren’s classic novel series, Pippi Longstocking continues to charm audiences and remains a positive role model for her indomitable spirit.


Michael Schaack, Clive A. Smith


Astrid Lindgren, Catharina Stackelberg


Melissa Altro, Catherine O'Hara, Carole Pope


Waldemar Bergendahl, Michael Hirsh


Animation, Comedy, Family


Classics, Family Relationships, Literary Adaptation, Strong Female Leads

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Malofilm Home Video