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Psycho Goreman

Director Steven Kostanski
Year 2020
Run Time 95min
Genre Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Two children accidentally resurrect an evil alien overlord, who they name Psycho Goreman (or PG for short). While a magical amulet allows the kids to control him into doing their bidding, PG still wants to destroy the universe - and soon their activities draw the attention of a Planetary Alliance that sends an elite assassin named Pandora to stop PG from carrying out his evil will. In this battle of good vs. evil, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top.

From Steven Kostanski, the creator of the cult-hit Manborg, Psycho Goreman is a fantastical ride that is as bizarre as it is hilarious.


Steven Kostanski


Steven Kostanski


Nita-Josée Hanna, Owen Myre, Matthew Ninaber


Stuart F. Andrews, Shannon Hanmer, Steven Kostanski


Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Cult & Offbeat Cinema

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Dystopia Films