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Rebelle (War Witch)

Director Kim Nguyen
Year 2012
Run Time 90min
Genre Drama
African rebels kidnap Komona (Mwanza) and force her to become a child soldier, but a miraculous event makes them fear that she has supernatural powers. Wonderfully played by Rachel Mwanza, whose performance is nothing short of a revelation, Komona’s trials and tribulations are compelling from start to finish. The topic of child soldiers is of course fraught with painful realities, but this story of a young “war witch” is an absolute tour-de-force of magic realism.

Montreal’s Kim Nguyen — who won several directing awards for his thoughtful work — travels a long way from Canada to tell this important tale.

A poignant and impossible love story filled with wonder, the film was nominated for an Oscar and won 10 Canadian Screen Awards.


Kim Nguyen


Kim Nguyen


Rachel Mwanza, Alain Lino Mic Eli Bastien, Serge Kanyinda


Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin




BIPOC Stories, Global Experiences, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Language Version

EN Subtitles

Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media/Criterion