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Ruthless Souls

Director Madison Thomas (Ojibwe/Saulteax)
Year 2019
Run Time 84min
Genre Drama

Jackalope “Jackie” Cambell (Galloway) is a tough as nails Ojibwe artist born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. On the first anniversary of her partner’s tragic death, Jackie copes with her guilt and loneliness by drinking and smoking up. 

When Jackie finds out that her best friend Rooney has split-up with her long time partner Tay, she feels her remaining relationships are in peril. Rooney and Tay are Jackie’s only friends, and have been each other’s pillars of support since they were kids. 

A visually alluring film full of heavy emotions and sharp, witty dialogue, Ruthless Souls confronts the pain of loss and highlights the human ability to overcome grief. Madison Thomas’ sophomore premiered at ImagineNative 2019. 


Madison Thomas (Ojibwe/Saulteax)


Madison Thomas (Ojibwe/Saulteax)


Mary Galloway, Christie Taronno, Eugene Baffoe


Darcy Waite (Cree)




Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

National Film Board (NFB)