Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés (Saint Martyrs of the Damned)

Director Robin Aubert
Year 2005
Run Time 115min
Genre Drama, Horror
At once creepy and thought-provoking, Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés is an eerie and playful supernatural thriller. Tabloid reporter Flavien (Chénier) and his photographer buddy Armand (Robitaille) are dispatched to a rural Quebec village to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. But things quickly begin to go awry when Armand vanishes on their very first night in town.

The town’s inhabitants are a strange group — a mayor who rules with an iron fist, the creepy twins running the motel, the woman who serenades cows, a masked mechanic, and many others. But Flavien can’t get anyone to help him, as they’re all suspicious and even downright aggressive toward him. With an arresting visual style and quirky sense of humour, the film pushes the boundaries of the conventional thriller, tackling questions about identity, responsibility and mortality in a refreshing way.


Robin Aubert

Saints-Martyrs-des-Damnés premiered at TIFF 2005. Aubert also directed the feature films À quelle heure le train pour nulle part, À l’origine d’un cri, and Tuktuq, and starred in De père en flic, the critical hit Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre, Jeune Juliette, and Mon cirque à moi. His latest film, Les Affamés won Best Canadian Feature at TIFF 2017 and ten Prix Iris. He is currently completing his next film, Tu ne sauras jamais. 


Robin Aubert


François Chénier, Isabelle Blais, Sylvie Boucher


Luc Vandal, Roger Frappier


Drama, Horror


Family Relationships

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Canadian Distributor

Christal Films