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Smoke Traders

Directors Catherine Bainbridge, Jeff Dorn (Ojibway)
Year 2012
Run Time 51min
Genre Documentary

This insightful documentary looks at the controversy ignited by the Mohawk Nation’s participation in the tobacco trade, raising issues of sovereignty, economic independence and entrepreneurship versus what some see as illegal activity. Shooting over three years, the filmmakers gained extraordinary access to a cast of charismatic characters, including Brian, a former tobacco runner from Akwesasne trying to go legit by starting a sustainable energy business, and Robbie, who runs a federally licensed cigarette factory in Kahnawake. The film tells the Mohawk side of the story, their history with tobacco, Indigenous rights and the battles with federal and provincial governments. 


Catherine Bainbridge, Jeff Dorn (Ojibway)


Catherine Bainbridge, Jeff Dorn (Ojibway), Howard Goldberg


Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick




Arts and Culture, BIPOC Stories, Discrimination, Female Filmmaker, History, Indigenous Filmmaker, Social Justice & Politics

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Rezolution Pictures