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Director Michelline Lanctot
Year 1984
Run Time 91min
Genre Drama

Actor and filmmaker Micheline Lanctôt won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival for her second feature, the story of two teenage girls whose close bond, dreams, and sentimental whims are presented in a series of vignettes that move gradually from the seemingly trivial to the extremely dark.

Structured around three parts, the first follows teenage Chantal (Pascale Bussières), who pursues an infatuation with a bus driver (Pierre F. Fauteux), ultimately costing him his job. The second segment follows Louisette (Marcia Pilote), who has run away from home but finds temporary affection from a Bulgarian sailor (Kliment Denchev) in the port. In the third and final chapter, the two girls come together and make a grim, disturbing plan.

Micheline Lanctôt won the Genie Award for Best Director for the film.


Michelline Lanctot


Michelline Lanctot


Pascale Bussieres, Kliment Denchev




Female Filmmaker

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EN Subtitles, FR CC

Canadian Distributor

Les Films René Malo