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Stay the Night

Director Renuka Jeyapalan
Year 2022
Run Time 94min
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Grace (Bang) and Carter (Scarpellino) are both having a rough night. Carter, a centre for the Tampa Bay Lightning, has just been told by his coach that he’s being demoted to the minor leagues, and he’s desperately hoping to get traded. Meanwhile, after being passed over for a promotion then ditched by her roommate and exiled from her apartment, Grace is forced into a night out against her will. When the two cross paths, they seem to be exactly what the other needs, and they set out on an all-night journey through downtown Toronto.

Driven by amazing chemistry between the two leads, Stay the Night is a quiet and touching adventure that showcases both the beauty and the loneliness of Canada’s biggest city.

“A modern-day Before Sunrise” – Chris Knight, The National Post


Renuka Jeyapalan


Renuka Jeyapalan


Joe Scarpellino, Andrea Bang


Glenn Cockburn, Brian Robertson


Comedy, Drama, Romance


Female Filmmaker

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Photon Films