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The Corporation

Directors Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott
Year 2003
Run Time 120min
Genre Documentary

For more than a hundred years, US corporations — including giants like Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Nike — have been treated as “persons” under the law.

But if a corporation is a person, what kind of person is it?

In answering this question, this provocative film takes a mischievous approach. Because the pursuit of profit is behind every corporate decision, corporations fit a classic psychiatric profile: They are psychopaths.

This unexpected conclusion prompts many moral, political and social questions. Full of interviews with corporate insiders and critics, this often humorous documentary is packed with fascinating insights.

Winner of 26 international awards, including 10 Audience Choice awards at film festivals around the world.


Jennifer Abbott

Abbott has edited the docs Let It Ride, Under The Poison Tree and I Am, and directed the docs The Film That Buys The Cinema, Us and Them, and most recently The Magnitude of All Things. She co-directed The Corporation.


Joel Bakan, Jennifer Abbott, Harold Croosk


Mark Achbar, Bart Simpson




Arts and Culture, Female Filmmaker, Social Justice & Politics

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Canadian Distributor

Mongrel Media