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Top of the Food Chain

Director John Paizs
Year 1999
Run Time 99min
Genre Horror

The residents of a secluded Canadian town are being mysteriously and gruesomely devoured. Starring Campbell Scott.


John Paizs

Since filming the widely-praised Crime Wave in his native Winnipeg, Paizs has directed Top of the Food Chain and Marker, and has worked on such TV series as Kids in the Hall, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes and John Woo’s Once a Thief. He is currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel and working as the director in residence at the Canadian Film Centre.


Philip Bedard, Larry Lalonde


Lorry Ayers, Robert Bockstael, Campbell Scott


Suzanne Berger, Jana Edelbaum



Original Language


Canadian Distributor

Equinox Entertainment