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Tout ce que tu possèdes (All That You Possess)

Director Bernard Émond
Year 2012
Run Time 91min
Genre Drama
Pierre (Drolet) is a mild-mannered university lecturer, alienated from his family and the world around him, and absorbed in his work translating obscure Polish poet Edward Stachura. Slowly, the solitary academic is drawn in by the poetry to do some serious soul-searching.

While the world outside his work hardly seemed to exist for Pierre at the start of the film, he is soon opened up to the possibility of reconnecting with his own past, which arrives in the form of an estranged daughter whom he abandoned years before.

This quiet, subtle and poetic drama about forgiveness, atonement and love is anchored by Drolet’s exquisite performance as the lonely Pierre.


Bernard Émond


Bernard Émond


Patrick Drolet, Willia Ferland-Tanguay, Isabelle Vincent, Gilles Renaud


Bernadette Payeur



Original Language


Canadian Distributor