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Train of Dreams

Director John N. Smith
Year 1987
Run Time 88min
Genre Drama

When a troubled high school dropout lands in “juvie,” he quickly realizes that he is neither as tough nor as disadvantaged as he thought — and must deal with the fact that his younger brother is following in his footsteps. Starring Jason St. Amour


John N. Smith

Smith’s credits include award-winning TV docudramas such as The Boys of St. Vincent, Dieppe and Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, as well as numerous feature films, including Dangerous Minds, A Cool Dry Place, Geraldine’s Fortune and Love & Savagery among others. Sitting in Limbo won the Best Canadian Feature Film award at TIFF 1986.


Sally Bochner, Sam Grana


Jason St. Amour


John N. Smith, Sam Grana




Family Relationships

Original Language


Canadian Distributor

National Film Board (NFB)