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Vive la rose

Director Bruce Alcock
Year 2009
Run Time 6min
Genre Animation, Romance

Based on the last recording by one of Newfoundland's foremost traditional music performers, Emile Benoit's tender delivery of the 18th century French song is the heart of Vive la rose. The story of unrequited love and tentative obsession throughout the beloved's life, sickness and early death is the narrative focus, accompanied by an emotional interpretation of Benoit's strong Newfoundland French accent and wavering old man's voice. Vive la rose is animation on location, rooting the film in a location that evokes the past, and combines ink drawings with a variety of romantic and associative elements and objects.


Bruce Alcock


Tina Ouellette, Annette Clarke, Michael Fukushima


Animation, Romance


Arts and Culture, History

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Language Versions

EN Subtitles, FR CC

Canadian Distributor