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Director Ashley McKenzie
Year 2016
Run Time 80min
Genre Drama

The difficult existence of a pair of homeless drug addicts is shown with harsh honesty and surprising sensitivity in McKenzie’s highly acclaimed debut feature. Shot almost entirely in close-ups that capture the disorienting world these characters inhabit, McKenzie teases out intimate and intense performances that inspire empathy as well as concern.

Werewolf’s stark filmmaking never romanticizes the lives of junkies Blaise (Andrew Gillis) and Vanessa (Bhreagh MacNeil), preferring instead to capture the frustration and futility of their lives with a startling power.

Werewolf won the Toronto Film Critics Association prize for best Canadian film of the year.

“In plumbing the pitch black, Werewolf offers the distinct hope of a brighter future – at least, a brighter future for Canadian cinema.” – Barry Hertz, The Globe and Mail


Ashley McKenzie


Ashley McKenzie


Andrew Gillis, Bhreagh MacNeil


Ashley McKenzie




BIPOC Stories, Female Filmmaker

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