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Instruction Hub

RCtv Celebrating Indigenous Stories

Welcome! Now that you’re registered, this Instruction Hub is your one-stop shop for all the links, resources, and instructions your class will need to participate in the Celebrating Cross-Cultural Stories livestream, happening on Wednesday, November 30, 2023.

Please read through this entire Instruction Hub so you know what to expect, and can plan accordingly. We hope it will help you build an engaging learning experience for your students.

Everything you find here will ALSO be delivered straight to your inbox within a series of instructional newsletters. This Hub just lets you access it all in one convenient location.

Communications Schedule

Here’s when you can expect to hear from us with further details about each aspect of the livestream. If you registered after any of these dates, you can find everything you need below:

Week of Nov. 7:
Lesson plans, Sensitivity Resources, and Bonus Films listings

Week of Nov. 14:
Links to watch the short films; Link and instructions for our interactive platform; Recording viewers will receive the link to use our interactive platform.

Week of Nov. 21:
Tech Instructions for watching the livestream and using our interactive platform

Wednesday, November 30:
RCtv: Indigenous Realities Livestream for Grades 6-8

We will also send you our teacher and student evaluation forms, for you to fill out after the livestream takes place.

1. Prepare Your Class

Our livestream programme includes a lesson plan designed to enrich your students’ learning experience before, during, and after the event. It was developed in consultation with a diverse set of educators, including those who identify as Indigenous. Feel free to use any or all of these included activities:

  • Resources for discussing race and racism in the classroom
  • Pre- and post-viewing activities
  • Guiding discussion questions
  • Suggested extensions & summative tasks
  • Student handouts
  • Comprehension and discussion questions for the film

A French version of the lesson plan will be available here soon. You can also email to request a copy be delivered to your inbox.

To provide a supported and safe learning environment during the film and livestream viewings, please use these guides, developed in collaboration with a diverse set of educators, including those who identify as Indigenous, and those who are Black and/or persons of colour.

For Teachers: Best Practices & Resources for Ensuring a Culturally Safe & Respectful Screening of Films with Sensitive Content

For Students:  Anti-Racism Guidelines and Resources for Students

Image of Classroom Sensitivity Support Resources

We’ll have lots of opportunities for engagement in the livestream itself through our interactive platform, but your students can also get involved with hands-on activities leading up to the big event! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Send us your video questions and comments, and they might be included in the show
  • Print out this poster to put in your classroom or school to build excitement for the event
  • Design your own event posters
  • Build a creative activity around the film, like a visual art or music prompt
  • Students can help set up the big screen and sound equipment for your group to watch. You can even use the school auditorium or theatre.
  • Get students to hand out popcorn or other snacks for your film viewing
  • Share any student work based on our lesson plans with the email below

If your students do get involved, we’d love to hear about it – or even see photos! Write to us at 

2. Show the Film

Our livestream centres on Honour to Senator Murray Sinclair, so be sure to watch that first.

Screen the film for your students between Nov 16 and Nov 30, if you can (if not, see note below). Make sure to plan the date now. We recommend screening the film and the livestream close together to ensure the content is still fresh in students’ minds.

Honour to Senator Murray Sinclair is 29 minutes long.

NOTE: If your students cannot watch the films by November 30, that’s okay, but you will need to request a new film link using this simple form.

The film link will arrive in your email inbox before Nov. 16  – look for the subject line “Your link for Honour to Senator Murray Sinclair”.  

That streaming link will expire on December 2, so if you’re planning to watch after that, be sure to request a new one: 

For those of you teaching remotely, you may share the film link directly with your students, but please make sure to communicate that it is a private link.

If you ordered a DVD, you will receive that in advance of the date you requested.

*Please note: if you’ve requested to preview the films, we will send them to your inbox on the date specified in your registration form.

About the Film | Content Advisory 

  • Project the film on the largest screen you can.
  • Show the film in the darkest room you can. Draw blinds/curtains, if possible.
  • How’s the aspect ratio? If the picture seems distorted or stretched, try adjusting the aspect ratio settings in your computer’s media player.
  • Setting up a quick test run beforehand will ensure things look good and glitch-free.

3. Participate in the Livestream

We’ve built an interactive platform called Meeting Pulse to accompany the livestream, so students can engage with the filmmaker and with their peers nationwide. Either students can each use Meeting Pulse on their own devices, or you can connect from one device at the front of the class. 

If you’re watching the livestream on November 30: Use Meeting Pulse during the livestream. 

If you’re watching the recording afterwards: Use Meeting Pulse right after watching the film, and anything your students share BEFORE November 30 may be incorporated into the livestream. 

TIP: Make sure to test out the interactive platform beforehand to confirm it’s not blocked by your school board. 

Access the interactive platform at 

Make sure students use each of the tabs at the bottom for the various activities: Discussion boards, quiz questions, chat, and of course, sharing their questions for our special guests. 

Don’t worry, everything on Meeting Pulse is anonymous, and all discussions will be moderated by our team. 

The livestream airs on Thursday, November 30. If you’re watching live, make sure to check the time in your region, and if you’re planning to watch the recording, it will be available immediately afterwards at all the same links below. 

Find your time

Here are your links to participate:

A. Watch the Livestream:

B. Use the Interactive Platform:

C. Livestream & Interactive Platform side-by-side on one screen:

⭐ For the best experience, make sure students use our interactive platform while watching.

Share Your Feedback:
Make sure each student completes our student feedback form. Their responses allow us to continue offering our programmes free of charge!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to

Or give us a call toll-free at 1-888-508-0881 ext. 221