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Assistant to Producers

What does an Assistant to Producers do?

Assistant to Producers is an administrative role in the filmmaking process, similar to that of an Executive Assistant in business. The Assistant to Producers works closely with the Producer from pre-production through production, post-production, and is even involved in the distribution of the film. The tasks vary with each production and Producer. The Assistant to Producers will have a good overview of the entire production process and be one of the hands of the Producer.

The tasks may vary but there are many tasks an Assistant to Producers is responsible for. Some involve writing coverage on scripts, draft letters, making and managing phone calls, assisting with any on-set duties, and being a liaison between the producers and the post-production team. You have to be a jack of all trades to support the Producers and address the needs of the production.

What’s an Assistant to Producers good at?
  • Organization

    Managing a Producer’s schedule, meetings, tasks, contacts and duties during all stages of production

  • Administration

    Good with computers and software such as MS Office, Movie Magic and other film-related programs

  • Communication

    Able to communicate the needs of the Producer to key creatives and the rest of the crew, and vice versa

Who does an Assistant to Producers work with?

Assistant to Producers work closely with the Producer throughout the entire production. They also work with a multitude of the crew from pre-production to post-production. They will be communicating with the crew on the behalf of the Producer.

How do I become an Assistant to Producers?

Assistant to Producers need to have a fundamental understanding of the needs of a production. They can begin as Production Assistants and then become a personal assistant to one of the crew members. They will perform the same duties for the one individual. You can establish yourself as a good assistant and, with the understanding of the production process, be able to offer your services to Producers.

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