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Craft Service and Catering

Also known as: Crafty

What does a Crafty do?

Craft services, also known as crafty, is the department of film, TV, and video production which provides cast and crew with food, snacks, and drinks throughout the workday.

On smaller productions typically there is one main “craft table” where the snacks and coffee are set up – and that table remains stocked all day, every day. The craft area on these smaller productions may also be where you might go for other types of supplies, such as a first aid kit, bandages, aspirin, gum, antacids, toothpicks, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and hand-warmers. On larger productions, craft trucks may be brought in to provide quick warm meals throughout the day like hot dogs or chili, along with other quick-grab items like prepackaged sandwiches or fruit.

Catering refers to complete hot meals, which are provided by a separate person or company to craft, usually a restaurant or catering company. On most larger productions “lunch” is generally catered, but can be any time of the day. This is usually pre-selected and ready at a specific time to keep the production on schedule.

What's a Crafty good at?
  • Scheduling

    Crafty must schedule food preparation to fit the shooting schedule of the production, as no one has time to wait for lunch

  • Food Handling skills

    Have the knowledge and the certifications to be able to handle food properly and safely

  • Customer Service

    Interacting with large groups of hungry people requires patience and a smile

  • Multi-tasking

    Often there are several different meals being prepped at the same time

Who does a Crafty work with?

Crafty and Catering work independently, but interact with all cast and crew on a set.

How do I become a Crafty?

There is no specific degree required for a craft services career, but an interest in food is an asset, as is a strong understanding of food safety. Catering companies are usually run by entrepreneurs with a background in Culinary school or in the food and hospitality industries. Gaining your food safety certification would be necessary to begin your career.

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